4 Ways To Make Teeth Brushing Fun

As a parent, one of the top priorities you have for your children is helping them to build habits that will keep them healthy and thriving for years to come. Whether it’s ensuring that they learn how to make great food and snack choices or it’s ensuring they know how to care for themselves, sometimes teaching little ones healthy habits can require some creativity. When it comes to brushing their teeth, making it a fun activity can be the key! Here are four ways to make teeth brushing fun for your little ones!

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Make It a Game

Everyone knows that children love to play, and it’s actually an important part of their mental, physical, and emotional development! Incorporating a game or playtime feel in your teeth-brushing routine can help to make it more fun and enjoyable for your child. Whether it’s a game of make-believe or it’s earning points for how many times your child remembers to brush their teeth without your help, game-ifying teeth brushing can make it more fun.

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Offer Rewards

In relation to making teeth-brushing a game for your child, you can also offer rewards for regular brushing, flossing, and even time spent brushing! Whether it’s a gold-star, an extra hour of screen-time, or even a treat, rewards can work wonders for many children who are resistant to brushing.

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Sing a Song

Making brushing time fun doesn’t always have to be complicated! If your child isn’t interested in rewards or making it playful, you can instead make it a fun bonding activity by singing (or humming, more likely) a song with your little one during teeth brushing time.

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Offer Lots of Praise

Of course, one of the most important parts of teaching your child new, healthy habits is to offer lots of praise as they’re learning. When you recognize their effort and their results, your little ones are more likely to find brushing their teeth easier and more fun!

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